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I’m would not call myself an author. I wouldn’t even describe myself as an incredible writer. But I LOVE stories. I love hearing them, and I love sharing them. That’s what you’ll find here.

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When I reached out to get the contact information of a guy I had just met, my friend’s husband told him, “Remember that girl Sharee? Well, she wants to “connect” with you.” Because I did! Long story short- that guy and I got married. Good things happen when you connect! And I’d love to connect with you too! Here’s to finding our best life in all the mundane moments.

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Hey! I’m Sharee: a wife, mom, friend, and story enthusiast. I’m just trying to make the most ordinary moments into something extraordinary.



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I’m Sharee. A wife, mom, and wannabe blogger in Houston, TX. I love writing about our daily adventures, struggles, and successes all under the umbrella that every day is a gift from our Heavenly Father. I don’t think we are born to just survive life, but to thrive and enjoy each day we’ve been given.

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family life with a faith focus

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Family life with a faith focus

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